Sink into a cushiony sleep with extra-plush layers of TEMPUR® material on top and a supportive core that adapts to your shape.

A New Tempur-Pedic Feel

TEMPUR-Flex® Collection is the latest innovation from Tempur-Pedic®.

  • For years, Tempur-Pedic offered a single choice of feel—it was firm and conforming. That original mattress evolved into the TEMPUR-Contour™ collection.
  • Then our research told us 48% of people prefer a soft bed, so we introduced TEMPUR-Cloud®—designed to be soft and supportive. It brought a whole new group of consumers to TEMPUR material, doubled our business and drove industry growth for several years.
  • Now our consumer insight tells us that many people would love to have the transformative benefits of sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic, but they don’t love the more highly adaptive feels of our TEMPUR-Contour and TEMPUR-Cloud collections. So with intense R&D and consumer and RSA testing, we developed TEMPUR-Flex®. We know that many consumers are looking for better sleep, and attracted to TEMPUR’s promise of transformative sleep. Now there is an adaptive and responsive feel for them, that they tell us is the ideal combination of “familiar, slightly springy” feel, with all the benefits of TEMPUR material.

TEMPUR-Flex® Prima

TEMPUR-Flex Supreme HD

TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme

TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze

TEMPUR-Flex® Elite

Key Features

TEMPUR-Response™ material
All the sleep-transforming benefits of TEMPUR® material, with faster response to your movement

Dynamic Support™ Layer
Innovative precision coils work in harmony with the TEMPUR-Response material layer

SmartClimate™ System
Moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch comfort

EasyRefresh™ Top Cover
Simple to remove, wash and replace

Premium Fabric Cover
High-loft super-stretch cover with grey upholstery sides

Antimicrobial Treatment
Hinders microorganisms, including dust mites

TEMPUR-Flex is a true Tempur-Pedic
TEMPUR-Flex® is built with our new TEMPUR-Response™ material on top for truly personalized comfort and support. Like every Tempur-Pedic mattress, it provides TEMPUR’s adaptive support, pressure relief, and motion dispersal, to deliver every consumer’s best night’s sleep.

How we deliver the new feel
TEMPUR-Flex® uses hybrid construction and all new proprietary technology to deliver all the benefits of TEMPUR® with faster response to movement. It’s the hybrid that only Tempur-Pedic® can deliver.

TEMPUR-Flex combines two innovative new components:

  • On top, TEMPUR-Response™, a new version of our proprietary TEMPUR® material delivers the benefits of TEMPUR, but is specially engineered for faster response (3 times faster than other TEMPUR formulations).
  • Underneath, the Dynamic Support™ Layer is a brand new base layer, made of exclusively designed precision coils. With twice as many coils as a typical innerspring mattress, the new Dynamic Support Layer provides precise support for the TEMPUR material on top.

The combination of these two technologies produces all the transformative benefits of TEMPUR in a familiar, slightly springy feel that many consumers love.